Monteferro Hradek is a joint venture company established in 1993 and located in Hradek u Rokycan, Pilsen Region. The main partners of the JV being Monteferro Spa and a local metallurgical company. After a technological development and a building expansion in 1995, the total control of the factory was taken in 1998 by Monteferro Italy.

Monteferro Hradek is located in Hradek, Pilsen Region, in the central part of Europe, at only 70 kilometers from Nuremberg and 70 kilometers from Prague well served by convenient highway links. Its fortunate and central position permits to serve in the best way all the European markets.

Monteferro Hradek A.S.
Nova Hut 204
33842 Hradek
Czech Republic
Phone +420 371 725467
Fax +420 371 725477