The origins of MONTEFERRO date back to the late 1940s when operations started in Milan, northern Italy. In the following decades its activities expanded rapidly to support the fast growing elevator industry in Europe. The growth lead to the construction of a new facility in Monvalle, Italy, in the early 70s. In this decade the name MONTEFERRO started to consolidate its position in the European elevator market and expand into the worldwide elevator market. In 1980s and through the 1990s, MONTEFERRO started the building up of a world manufacturing network globally consolidating its position; as a first step two Joint Ventures were established in the People’s Republic of China (1991) and in Czech Republic (1993). In 2000 the World Guide Rail Alliance between MONTEFERRO and SSS/MRM brought about additional international growth with two plants in Canada and the development of a new guide rail facility in Brazil.

In 2005 MONTEFERRO signed an agreement with Sanhang Elevator Co.Ltd to improve the presence in the fast growing markets of China and Pacific Area, adding two additional plants in China and this strengthening MONTEFERRO’s prominence in the worldwide market.